About Our Signature Retreat


Changes in body composition (increase muscle, lose weight/fat).

Lowers stress levels (cortisol hormone) by immersing in nature, and limiting digital device use.

Improves sleep quality by raising Melatonin through nature immersion, reduction of screen time, and mediation before bed.

Increases and sustains energy levels by balancing key hormones.

Detoxifies your body by accelerating eliminatory systems and removing inflammatory foods such as sugar, alcohol, starch, and processed food.

Improves metabolic rate and gut microbiome health through organic, gourmet cuisine and proper meal timing.

Strengthens mental health by reducing anxiety and self criticism through mindfulness education and training.

Raises human growth hormone levels (youth hormones), weight loss, increased creativity, improved skin health, deeper sleep and toxin elimination.


When was the last time you reached for a cookie because your stomach was growling? In today’s modern lifestyle we’re often eating on the run and using food to combat stress. This Retreat is about nourishing a healthy and active body. When your body has the right energy at the right time, you’ll be amazed at how well it performs. You’ll also feel great and look great too!

Our chef / Dietician, Bert will prepare meals for your specific needs. We use quality organic, wild, or local ingredients and create inventive dishes that are nourishing, delicious, and provide all the energy you need for a healthy life, body, and mind.


We serve seasonal, locally sourced, wild, and organic foods five times over the course of the day to ensure you receive the most benefit from your food.


You’ll experience and learn practical, evidence-based tips, and strategies to create a meal plan that supports your personal nutritional needs to support your lifestyle.


This signature program has been carefully designed to be a transformative and holistic health experience and most likely the most positive investment in YOU, you will ever make.  Success will not come without effort. This program is NOT an R&R retreat. It is for individuals who dare to challenge the status quo, get outside, work up a sweat, and fight for the greatest gift we have – our health.

“It is important to take time for yourself and find clarity. The most important relationship you have it the one with yourself!”

Diane Von Furstenberg

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R3200 per person

Umzimkulu River Lodge

Coleford Rd, Underberg, Kwa-Zulu Natal, 3257

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